Agricultural Equipment Technicians and Parts Technicians in Saskatchewan are highly employable due to a shortage of skilled workers in this industry.

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How do the AET and PT courses work?

Both AET20, AET30 and PT30 are Semester One courses.

You will complete 50 hours of online theory by mid-November

Once you’ve completed the online theory, you will begin your work placement at an ag dealership close to your community. Sun West DLC’s Ag coordinator will confirm the placement at dealerships across the province.

“Before going into AET20, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go into for post-secondary. Now I know for sure.”

What will I learn?

AET 20 AET 30 PT 30L

What is an Agriculture Equipment Technician

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Boot Camp for AET and PT

Boot Camp is an opportunity to visit Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Saskatoon campus and see firsthand what AET & PT apprenticeship training looks like. You’ll meet fellow AET & PT students from across the province and work with Sask Polytechnic instructors and apprentices. Boot Camp (approx. 10 hours over 1 or 2 days) is optional and you can choose to attend or, if you choose not to participate, the 10 hours will be added to your work placement.

How much will it cost?

Student registration costs for AET 20, AET 30, and PT 30 are FREE of charge to Saskatchewan students thanks to the generous support of WEDA, CEDF, and local agricultural equipment dealers across the province. You will be responsible for any necessary workplace attire or materials such as steel-toed work boots, coveralls, etc.

How do I register?

Registration Opens June 1.


Note: The AET and PT courses are only available in Semester 1

For more information about the program, contact
Lori Gasper, AET coordinator or call 306-252-1000

*Some divisions are using an AET application process.Check with your division’s CWEX coordinator.